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Are you hearing mysterious rustling noises in your walls or floors? Are you seeing strange looking piles of dirt around your basement or foundation? It could be termites or another harmful pest, so it’s time to call in the professionals from Affordable Pest.

Termites can cause huge amounts of damage to your home. In fact, each year termites cause more damage to homes than house fires. Also, common to the Alexandria area are bed bugs. These little pests can pose a very persistent problem. No matter how much you vacuum or wash your bedding, they’ll still hang around. No one wants to pull back their sheets and see bed bugs.

For termites, bed bugs or other infestations call the very best in Alexandria pest control, the trained folks at Affordable Pest.

Quick, Effective Treatments from our Trained Professionals Keep Your Alexandria Home Insect And Rodent Free

Our skilled technicians will come to your home and perform a complete inspection. After, we’ll let you know the best service that will rid your home of those pests. For instance, if you are experience a termite infestation, we can get rid of them quickly and safely using Terridor. This treatment will get rid of termites within 90 days, which is faster than traditional methods that can take up to two years. Our bed bug extermination services come with a six-month guarantee for your peace of mind.

We can also prevent or eliminate other area pests such as bees, hornets, as well as rodents. You certainly don’t want to put your family in harm’s way by ignoring these potentially dangerous pests.

At Affordable Pest, we have a full line of services for Alexandria pest control that will provide solutions in a friendly and affordable manner. You’ll be able to either prevent or eliminate pests in your home while having the peace of mind that the treatment is safe for your family and pets, as well as the environment.

Don’t wait any longer. Call us today and start enjoying your home’s safe and secure environment once again.