The good pest control services in Maryland are pros when it comes to getting rid of bed bugs. That’s because bed bugs in DC, viagra Maryland, online and Virginia are a big problem. Luckily, side effects though, bed bugs do not have to become your permanent roommate!

If you need to kill bed bugs, the professional sprays that your exterminator has can help you do it in two different ways. If you’re working with one of the good pest control services in Maryland, your exterminator will have access to both residual sprays and growth inhibitors.

Residual sprays are what you normally think of when you think of pest control products – they contain tough chemicals that kill bed bugs instantly. When your exterminator uses these types of spray around your home, they can also kill bed bug eggs that haven’t hatched yet. That way, you can prevent the next generation of bed bugs from setting up shop inside your home.

As an added benefit, most residual sprays come in aerosol form. That way, it will be easy for your exterminator to get the spray into even the tiniest cracks and crevices. After all, that’s where bed bugs like to hide. Unlike their name suggests, bed bugs like all kinds of dark, comfortable spaces – not just your bed. To them, the cracks in your baseboard can be as cozy as the inside of your mattress – so it’s important to make sure that your spray gets everywhere.

What about growth inhibitors? How do they kill bed bugs?

Whether you have bed bugs in DC, Maryland, Virginia, or someplace else, a big part of getting rid of them is keeping them from breeding. Luckily, growth inhibitor sprays do just that!

Growth inhibitor sprays attack bed bugs’ reproductive systems – making it impossible for them to reproduce.

Your exterminator may opt to use a combination of both sprays. That way, any bed bugs that survive the residual spray will at least be affected by the growth inhibitor spray.

Remember, though, bed bugs can be a tricky bunch. Your exterminator may not be able to kill them all in one visit. It may take a couple of visits from your pest control company until your bed bug problem is completely gone. However, if you’re actively working with your exterminator to come up with a solid plan, you will be able to hit all of the right spots – meaning that it won’t be long before you can say goodbye to your bed bug problem for good!

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