Bowie owes its existence to the railroad. The railroads decided to make Bowie a regular stop and an entire city got off the train. Unfortunately, visit rodents and other pests decided to stay in Bowie as well. But since they decided to move into your home and occupy your property, advice it’s time for them to go.

Have mice, termites, bedbugs, or any other pest invaded your home? Have you tried everything and nothing works? Are you tired of wasting time and money? Do things seem to be getting worse? Rodents and pests cause significant damage to your home and health. Ignoring the problem will not help.

Pest and rodents cause health hazards.

Bed bugs have become an international crisis. Once nearly eliminated in the US they have made a dramatic cutback in the last 10 years. They used to come to town by train, now jet travel from all corners of the earth have brought them back to attack you while you sleep.

Bed bugs sneak up on you while you sleep and suck your blood leaving embarrassing, itchy red bumps on your body. They can even carry disease. Do it yourself methods against bed bugs are ineffective. We have the knowledge and tools to rid your home of bed bugs. Affordable Pest Control in Bowie understands. We want to help you take back your home.

Rodents are not only responsible for damaging tree’s and gardens, but cause damage to plumbing and electrical wiring. Rodents also harbor fleas and ticks. Their saliva and feces contaminate food, spreading viral disease. While some symptoms might cause slight discomfort, others become life threatening. Our professionals want to help prevent further damage to your home and rid it of health related hazards.

Looking for the best control and prevention.

Affordable Pest Control has the expertise you are looking for. If you suspect that rodents and pests are invading your home and property, there is no need to wait for visible damage. Our skilled exterminators will help set up a plan that best suits your situation. We even offer Eco friendly services. Bowie Affordable Pest Control is what you have been looking for! Don’t wait another minute call us today for your free inspection and estimate!