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Baltimore pests just don’t get it; particularly bedbugs and termites. Their tiny brains probably don’t understand that they started the war. They might claim that they are only looking for a good meal, not knowing that eating your house and drinking your blood are acts of terror; and we don’t negotiate with terrorists, and that makes us the top Baltimore Pest Control Company in the market.

In the last 20 years, bedbugs have escaped from the pages of a nursery rhyme and into beds across the country. After a nearly 50 year reprieve, they are back for blood—yours. Bedbugs sleep during the day, deep in the center of your mattresses, carpet, and furniture. At night, they burrow through your mattress, up through your sheets and nightie, snuggle up next to your skin, and carefully, painlessly, drink your blood. They are vampires in stealth mode. By morning, the bedbugs are gone, but they leave you covered in welts and sometimes a rash.

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Termites are equally stealthy. They can eat your house for months and even years, causing extensive damage before you begin to notice. They are disgusting as well. They build and live in houses carved out of food. When termites sit down at the dinner table, they eat the dinner table and then top it off with the chairs. If they get hungry at night, they roll over and eat their bed. Yuck!

Affordable Pest Control is Baltimore’s top pest control service and knows how to deal with termites and bedbugs. We show no mercy to pests; however, we have compassion for your budget. This is important because both pests are difficult to eradicate.

Don’t be fooled by do-it-yourself bedbug products. They may kill a few bugs, but bedbugs need to be completely eliminated before you can be safe. Mattress treatments just change bedbugs’ battle plan. They will get you—but not if they are dead. That’s our strategy, here in Baltimore as well as our bed bug exterminator services in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and many other locations throughout the state.

Termites are equally virulent. It can be very difficult to locate termite infestation in a home. Often, one nest means there are more. Like bedbugs, it is important to kill all of the termites in your home. The difference with termites is that steps need to be taken to prevent new infestations. Affordable pest control in Baltimore, as well as pest control in Chantilly, MD know how to exterminate the termites in your home as well as help you keep them from coming back.

Termites and bedbugs are like any other living creature. They will fight to the death for their next meal. We are happy to oblige them—on the death part anyway.

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