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Red Bricks Won’t Stop Termites in Baltimore

Though we pride ourselves for the red brick that graces Baltimore, we may be putting too much faith in it. Shouldn’t a red brick building be impenetrable to termites? As wonderful as this statement sounds, it’s not true. Termites do not need gain access to a building from the exterior. Unless there are cracks in your brickwork, the weak link in your home’s defenses is the foundation.

Why Brick Isn’t Invincible

Termites still have an appetite for brick homes because most brick buildings have a wooden structure. (Our walls aren’t made of stone, are they?)
Unlike common belief, termites can easily enter brick buildings. They find their way around the brick protection by going under the house. Instead of attacking the front door, they find weak points (cracks) in the foundation and gain access to the wood structure within.

Baltimore Termites and Your Foundation

Baltimore is home to the Eastern subterranean termite. Subterranean termites are bound to moisture to survive. Because of this, they stay beneath the ground and travel to the surface for food. This is why a brick exterior makes little difference to the termite.
Remember that subterranean termites often gain their access through weaknesses in the foundation. Therefore, the risk factors for termite invasion relies on the type and the condition of your foundation. For example, the best foundation to defend against termites is a “poured-concrete foundation.” It is the least likely to crack, especially if it is reinforced with rebar. However, still be watchful for cracks. One of the worst foundations for termite prevention is the simple slab foundation. It is most likely to crack, and the termites will have an easy entry.

Signs of Termites

Subterranean termites use “mud tubes” to gain access to the house. You may find these tubes against the brick or the foundation. But unfortunately, this is often not the first sign home owners notice. Other signs include “swarmers.” These are winged termites who try to find new areas to colonize. You may see them inside your home, or find their wings in window seals. If you do see swarmers in your home, you may already have established colony taking advantage of your home’s structure.

What You Need to Do

Call the exterminator now! If you suspect that your home is under attack by termites, don’t hesitate to take action. Call an Affordable Pest professional. He will know how to locate and exterminate the termites in (or under) your home.

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