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In Beltsville, we have more than just beautiful neighborhoods and historical buildings—we also have a large population of pests. Mice, birds, bedbugs, termites, you name it. Are they enjoying your home more than you are? You want a pest-free home and you want a good deal. Is that too much to ask? Of course not. And Affordable Pest can give you both.

Beltsville’s Most Common Pests

At the top of the pest list, you have bedbugs and termites. Bedbugs can be brought into your home without you even noticing. They invade your space, usually setting up camp in your bed, couch, or headboard. All they want is a warm place to hide and a human host nearby. If you notice a small red rash appearing around your neck, face, or other exposed areas, you could have bedbugs in your home.

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Termites enjoy the wooden structure within your home’s walls and they get to it through your foundation. Walls of brick or wood do not stand in their way because they go underneath your house. As soon as they find the cracks in your foundation, which you may not see, the termites can get inside. “Mud tubes” are small tubes that termites use to gain access to your house. If see these “mud tubes” on your brick or foundation, you probably have a termite colony on your hands.

What You Can Do

Pests can sneak into your house and settle down before you see any signs. As soon as you notice the problem, it’s time to find pest control in Beltsville. Rodents, bedbugs, termites, ants…they can all do serious damage to your home and wellbeing. Don’t wait until that happens—call the exterminator immediately! An Affordable Pest professional will be there right away to handle your pest problem without breaking the bank.

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"I recently called in for a rodent problem on a Sunday night. I was surprised to reach an actual person! Not only did someone answer the phone but you were out the next day and we haven't seen a mouse since. Just a quick note to say Thank you!!!"

Mr and Mrs Davis

"Great service, Great price, and the technician did a wonderful job. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends."

Mrs Lannon

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