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You’re not the only one in the house who wakes up in the middle of the night for a midnight snack. While you like the sound of a turkey sandwich or chocolate milk, bed bugs are more enticed by the scent and taste of human blood. Although painless at first, the itch is worse than the itch Orioles fans have for a winning season.

Bed bugs aren’t just something that you warn your children about before they go to sleep. They can infiltrate your home rather quickly, and once they settle in, they don’t like to leave—ever, unless we intervene.

We Offer Quick, Affordable Pest Control Service In College Park, MD

Ridding your home of these pests can be a pain if you don’t do it correctly and comprehensively. Do-it-yourself kits can be tempting, but usually result in an incomplete job and just plain frustration.

That’s why Affordable Pest Control in College Park is the only way to go. We’ll use an environmentally safe aerosol spray to get rid of the problem in less than 24 hours.

What Else Can Pest Control Do For You?

We deal with more than just bed bugs. Deep inside the walls of your home might reside another creature, feasting on the foundations. Termites are a common problem in this area, and they’ll eat anything they can get their claws on, your walls, your foundation, any wood that is out of sight. You will usually won’t see a termite until the infestation is three years old.

Ah! What Can I Do Next?

Stop worrying, for one. With Affordable Pest Control in College Park you can rest assured that our safe and non-damaging techniques will get rid of this problem before you know it. You’ll also see no weird stains, smell no strange odors, and you will feel just as if the bugs were never there in the first place.

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"I recently called in for a rodent problem on a Sunday night. I was surprised to reach an actual person! Not only did someone answer the phone but you were out the next day and we haven't seen a mouse since. Just a quick note to say Thank you!!!"

Mr and Mrs Davis

"Great service, Great price, and the technician did a wonderful job. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends."

Mrs Lannon

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