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Having a hard time at home because of issues related to pest control in Owings Mills, Maryland? Affordable Pest can give you a hand to make sure those issues are resolved for good. Our service is available throughout Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

When bed bugs in Owings Mills, MD rear their ugly heads in your home, it’s time to call the professionals at Affordable Pest to make them go away! There’s no need to put up with them and the blotches they leave on your skin.

But bed bugs are not the only common pest issue found in our area. The dreaded termites are also found here. Termites are very hard to get rid of if you’re trying to go at it alone. Don’t waste critical time on home remedies that don’t work. Instead, call an Affordable Pest exterminator in Owings Mills, Maryland today.

We Offer Quick, Affordable Pest Control Service In Owings Mills, MD

Termites in Owings Mills, MD are a great cause for concern if you’re one of the area’s residents. If you suspect an infestation but are unsure, we can go over to your house and let you know how the situation at your property stands.

For termites we have the widely popular Termidor treatment — its effectiveness has been proven time and time again. For other bugs and critters we have equally effective options. Rid yourself of all these pests once and for all.

With our professional help, kill bed bugs, silverfish, ants, spiders, and rodents. Pests can pose serious health risks because they carry diseases. Arm yourself to face them. We are trained to work fast using safe and effective methods.

Get a handle on your pest problem. We are confident about our treatments and know you will be too. We offer a six-month guarantee on our bed bug service. We have the information, skills, and tools you need to succeed in the fight against pests.

Our years of experience on the field will prove invaluable to you when it comes to solving a bed bug or termite infestation. We stay up to date on all the latest breakthroughs in pest eradication so that you’ll always have the best service.

If you find mice, roaches, or ants in your home, there is no need to panic. Be smart and hire a professional to deal with the unwanted visitors as quickly as possible. Give us a call to discuss what you’re finding in your home and the remedies that are available.

We also provide sevices in Maryland locations, so if you have a termite problem in Lutherville, MD, we’re here to help. We’re available for pest control in Hyattsville, Maryland, and other MD locations as well.

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"I recently called in for a rodent problem on a Sunday night. I was surprised to reach an actual person! Not only did someone answer the phone but you were out the next day and we haven't seen a mouse since. Just a quick note to say Thank you!!!"

Mr and Mrs Davis

"Great service, Great price, and the technician did a wonderful job. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends."

Mrs Lannon

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Here at Affordable Pest, one call truly solves it all. We offer Free Inspections and Estimates and guaranteed pest removal. We utilize environmentally sensitive IPM (Integrated Pest Management) – safe for pets/family.

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