Repelling Nuisance Birds

Some birds are beautiful and add to the ambiance of your garden. Some birds are helpful and eat the insects that harm your garden. And some birds are just a nuisance. These birds make their nests in your air conditioner. They eat your crops. They carry diseases and their excrement covers everything. But how does one get rid of these nuisance birds without hurting them?

Repelling Nuisance Birds through Fear

It may sound cruel at first to repel birds using fear tactics, but farmers and gardeners have been doing this for centuries with scarecrows. Unfortunately, simply putting up stuffed clothes on a stick doesn’t do it anymore. Even birds have changed with the times, and more advanced methods are required to rid your home, garden, or building of the pests.

One of the ways to keep nuisance birds away is by scaring them with sonic and ultrasonic bird repellers. Both devices send out natural sounds that specific nuisance birds don’t like – namely the calls of their predators or distress calls of their own species. The sounds sent out by sonic bird repellers can be heard by humans, but it is easy to program the devices to make noise only during certain times of the day. Only birds can hear the sounds put out by ultrasonic repellers. Both are a great way to repel nuisance birds without hurting them.

Although scarecrows aren’t effective in urban and suburban areas anymore, other visual scare tactics do work. Whether using a model of an owl, fox, alligator, or “terror eyes,” the key to frightening off birds with a visual device is making it move. If a decoy stands still, nuisance birds will just perch on it. If it moves, however, the birds become unsettled and choose another place to nest.

Repelling Nuisance Birds with Roost Inhibitors

Just as humans love to recline on a comfortable couch, birds love to roost on comfortable ledges. One of the easiest ways to keep birds from nesting or perching on your building is to make potential roosts uncomfortable. Plastic or steel spikes set onto ledges are an inexpensive and easy way to keep nuisance birds away. The spikes are not sharp enough to hurt the birds; they just make it difficult for them to land. Another method for making landing areas less hospitable is to apply sticky bird-proof gel to the surface.

But of course, the best way to keep out birds from a roost is to hang bird nets so that the pests cannot even reach the potential roosting area. This is a perfect way to keep birds from getting up into rafters. And since most nets are difficult to see from the ground, they aren’t even an eyesore.

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