Termite Control

Termite control in Virginia, Maryland and surrounding states is serious business. In fact, termites are estimated to cause $5 billion in property damage annually. Subterranean termites, predominant in the eastern United States, are located underground where the worker termite builds mud tubes that lead to the structural wood which is a major food source.

Termite colonies are always connected to the soil and are close to a moisture source. Swarms that warrant termite control in MD, VA or other areas most often occur in the spring and are a good sign that a well-established colony is in the vicinity. Discarded wings, damaged wood, hallow sounds when tapping on wood, or the presence of mud tubes are all indicators of infestation.

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Subterranean termites can cause serious damage to your home and business, sometimes even causing the collapse of an entire building. Therefore, it is important to eradicate any nest that you find on your property as soon as possible. You do not want to mess around when it comes to your pest control efforts. For years, Termidor SC has been the leading pesticide for termite control. Recently a new product called Altriset has hit the market, which extensive studies have shown to be claiming to be just as effective as Termidor without the accompanying environmental and health risks. Affordable Pest is proud to use Altiset as a part of a treatment regime for subterranean termites.

What is Altriset?

Altriset is a liquid termiticide that that is applied to the ground surrounding your home or business. The application process is easy and requires no protective equipment. Simply dig a six inch deep and six inch wide trough around the perimeter of your building. Pour the properly deluded Altriset into the trough. After allowing the product to sink in, mix the remaining liquid with the dirt that had been dug up and then fill in the trough.

Expert Termite Control And Elimination in VA, DC, and MD

Unlike some other pesticides, the Altriset is not a repellent. Termites won’t even know that the product is in the soil and will pass right through it without hesitation. Once one termite comes into contact with Altriset, it spreads the product to the rest of the nest through contact. It works in much the same way as the spread of a cold through a school or office. Within hours of becoming infected with Altriset, the termite will be unable to feed on wood. Without the nourishment it needs to survive, the termite will eventually die.

How Effective is Altriset?

Altriset is a highly effective and long-lasting termiticide. The effects of the product are almost immediate and will halt the damage done by the termites to your building soon after application. Within three months of applying the product around the perimeter of your property, all of the subterranean termites will be eradicated. There is no need to spend a lot of time and money reapplying Altriset to your property each year; one application will protect your building for over five years.

What are the Health and Environmental Risks?

The major characteristic that sets Altriset apart from other effective pesticides like Termidor is that it is environmentally friendly. Altriset is the only termiticide that the US Environmental Protection Agency has labeled “reduced-risk.” This means that the only impact that it has on the environment is killing termites. It will not poison the air or ground where it is applied. Altriset also poses no health threat to humans or animals. This is especially important in homes with pets or young children who like to play in the dirt.

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