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Are you tired of dealing with the annoyance of bugs? Are unwanted house guests like rodents turning your home into a nightmare? If this is the case, you know that you want your problems dealt with as quickly as possible. Having a pest outbreak is embarrassing, along with having the potential to be dangerous to your family’s health. Pests can spread diseases, bite, sting and destroy the structural integrity of your home.

However, there’s no reason that a pest problem should turn your life into a nightmare. A treatment from an experienced professional can help eliminate your pest problems and stop the damages and danger to your home and family. However, you need to act fast. Calling in a professional exterminator in Montclair, Virginia like Affordable Pest is your best bet to take control of your home. Waiting to call in pest control help is the wrong choice, as it will only lead to greater damages and more expensive treatments down the road.

Our Fast and Professional Montclair Pest Control Service Keeps Your Home Insect and Rodent Free

A termite infestation is a major concern for any homeowner. By eating away at the foundation of your home, termites can destroy the structural integrity of your home and severely damage its property value. One of the most frustrating issues about having a termite problem is how long it can take to treat. Many leading treatments used today can take up to two years to kill termite colonies, letting termites cause significant damages in the meantime.

The damages that termites can cause if one important reason to call Affordable Pest to treat termites in Montclair, VA. We use Termidor, which is the most powerful termite treatment on the market today. In less than 90 days, Termidor will start killing the termites which have been damaging your home. By working so well and so quickly, Termidor limits the damage that termites can cause your home.

Affordable Pest can also help to kill bed bugs if you are dealing with an infestation. If you currently have bed bugs, you know that home treatments do little to stop the painful, annoying parasitic insects from spreading throughout your home. Bed bugs in Montclair, VA are a growing problem, as more people than ever are dealing with outbreaks. The only way to effectively kill bed bugs is with a professional treatment. We use the most up-to-date methods to ensure that bed bugs are treated and don’t come back.

Affordable Pest is the right choice for pest control in Montclair, Virginia. We can treat and rid your home of any pest infestation, ranging from termites, ants, cockroaches and other bugs to rodents. Mice, rats and other rodents spread disease along with creating a fire hazard by chewing through wires and insulation. We can trap rodents and seal up entry points. Contact us for a free inspection no matter what type of pest problem you are facing.

Contact us today for pest control in Montclair, VA, or if you have a problem with termites in Occoquan, Virginia, or bed bugs in Germantown, MD.

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"I recently called in for a rodent problem on a Sunday night. I was surprised to reach an actual person! Not only did someone answer the phone but you were out the next day and we haven't seen a mouse since. Just a quick note to say Thank you!!!"

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"Great service, Great price, and the technician did a wonderful job. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends."

Mrs Lannon

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